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At Jeffrey Bendit, Attorney at Law, we can help you draw up your will or create a living trust, which provides protection for your assets and for your family. Moreover, we give you a chance to sit down and go over your assets, handing you a sense of control over what is available to you and the peace of mind knowing that you have given thoughtful consideration to what may happen to those items when you are gone. 

When sorting through your estate, we can counsel you on how to protect your family from overwhelming problems they may come up against after your death. We teach you about probate, dealing with creditors of the estate and other similar topics.

We help you with:

  • Probating a Will
  • Power of Attorney
  • Succession Planning
  • Drawing Up a Will
  • Establishing Health Care Directives
  • Estate Issues When Your Loved One Dies Without a Will

It is never too soon, but it can be one day too late.

Call our law office today at (979) 798-9334 to begin drafting your will. 

Wills & Probate

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