With Jeffrey Bendit, Attorney at Law, you can expect caring, personable legal representation. We are here to protect you from discrimination, harassment, personal injury, family law, and other litigation issues that you are unable to settle without intervention. Regardless of your situation, we are thoroughly equipped to advocate for you. 

​We can evaluate your case and help you decide on a course of action that is appropriate and beneficial. Hopefully, we can help you stop a negative situation from continuing to occur. We may also be able to preemptively prevent a situation from happening in the future.

Types of civil litigation services we can provide include:

  • Family & Divorce Settlements
  • Consumer Law
  • Personal Injury Disputes
  • Establishing a Will or Trust
  • Contract Disputes

The Best Court is an Empty One.

Ideally, we work to settle minor disputes out of court. We can help you negotiate contracts and come to agreements, hopefully keeping legal costs and headaches to a minimum. While this is not always the case, we do advocate for your best interest.

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