Question: How long will the whole divorce process last?

Answer: In the best case scenario, three months. As long as there is a clear understanding of property divide and custody of involved children the process will be smooth. If one or both parties cannot come to an agreeable decision, the process could take six months or more.

Q:   What are the steps?

A:   First, papers need to be filed at the courthouse (don't worry, my secretary will fill out these with the information you will give us during your first visit.

       Then a possible hearing for temporary orders of separation, custody, child suooort, and/or alimony if applicable.

       Next, the papers will be held for a total of 60 days before a court date will be set       (this gives you time to change your mind).

      After the court date if the judge approves and both parties agree, the divorce will be final.

Q:    If I changed my name at the time of marriage can I change it back?

A:    That is entirely up to you.

Q:   Will I receive alimony?

A:   That depends on factors of the marriage.

        Factors include:

  • Did the marriage last ten years or more?
  • Did one spouse work while the other stayed home to manage household and children?
  • Did one spouse obtain any considerable skills or education while the other has absolutely none?

Q:    How long can I receive alimony?

A:    It is decided by length of marriage.

  • 0-10 years of marriage = 0 alimony
  • 10-20 years = up to 5 years alimony
  • 20-30 years = up to 7 years
  • 30 or more = up to 10 years 

Q:    How is child support decided on?

A:    Child support is decided by the income of the non-custodial parent.

  • 20% for one child,
  • 25% for two children,
  • 33 1/3 for three children, and
  • 40% for four or more children
  • the state will not allow for more that 40% of the non-custodial parents income.

Q: How is property divided?

A: Unless both parties can decide and agree, a judge will decide (usually no one is happy with whatever a judge decides so I suggest to try to get along during this process the best you can).

Q:    How is debt divided?

A:    Debt is usually divided in half.